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market-1154999_1280Starter Package – Listing Level Advertising – $20 per month

Display your ad on every listing display page. This gives you great visibility with every user looking through our partners




Advanced Package – Search Level Advertising – $55 per month

Display your ad on every search page. This gives you excellent visibility with every user that uses our extensive search functions to find christian businesses in their area.




Premium Package – Full Site Visibility – $125 per month

Display your ad on the home page of the Christian Businesss & Professional Directory as one of our “Featured Partners” to maximize your visibility in the Christian community. This package has limited availability so call today to reserve your space!



sign-1781609_1280Business Listing – $4 per month 

Include your business with over 1500 of California’s highest standard Christian Business owners. All of our listed business are interviewed and verified as active members in their church community.