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The Christian Business & Professional Directory (CBPD) is a comprehensive listing of Christian businesses in our community. Christ-centered, we are dedicated to Christian-owned businesses in their mission to serve others through their profession.cbpd-logo-favicon

Built upon biblical standards, we provide the opportunity for Christian businesses and consumers to be mutually blessed by partnering with each other in a Christ-like manner. When using this valuable resource, we encourage you to follow the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ be expanding His kingdom.

Serving the Christian marketplace since 1969 is one of our greatest prides and has been a true blessing. It is always a privilege to do business with such exceptional people, helping them achieve success.  We strongly believe we further Christ’s reach by uniting His body of believers.

Please refer to this directory often when researching professional products and services. We pray that God blesses you beyond measure throughout the year. We encourage you to contact us to share your feedback so we can continue to make the directory even more valuable.